Edwards Family History

The history of our past has been told in countless stories from the lap of our forefathers. We know that Pete Edwards and Catherine Jones Edwards were married in Panola County, Mississippi in 1874. It is this sacred bond that ties all of us together. This era reflects the decade following the Emancipation Proclamation. The history books tell of the harsh conditions present at this time in the Deep South.

During the time of the family’s stay in Mississippi, they resided in the Quitman and Panola County towns of Como, Sledge , Sardis and Maston. Some of these Mississippi towns and communities exist today and bear residents who share our family name of Edwards.

For reasons not exactly known, the Pete Edwards family moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma in 1907. Oklahoma was the newest state in the Union and was attracting people from around the country.

The children of Pete and Katherine Edwards have been recorded and told as Jeff, Henry, Peteson, Moses, Katie, Silas, Lucy, Paul, Patrick, Issac, Jerry and John. We still treasure to discover the descendants of John and Paul who reportedly returned to Mississippi after some time spent in Oklahoma.

After the time spent in Oklahoma communities of Wellston, Wewoka in Lima, a number of Edwards family members made their way to other places including Oklahoma City. Life in the early part of the 20th century held heartache, challenge and opportunity. Some went north to the promise of better jobs and some went west to follow California dreams. We know at least one ventured as far North as the Alberta province of Western Canada.

One common theme in our family history has been the importance and essence of education. We count a number of teachers and educators among our ranks. Education was so important in the lives of our family and community that we find at least two instances where schools were started, influenced or enabled by family members.

Family members have been privileged to serve public offices and national board member appointments throughout North America. We have been the leaders, as well as a support team members from whence growth and development has taken place in our respective communities.

Business ownership and entrepreneurship have provided ample opportunity for a family members to take advantage of the American dream. They continue to be engaged in commerce, trade and industry in North America.

The area of religion has not been lost on the Edwards family. We are blessed to have several outstanding ministers in our ranks both past and present. They continue to lead congregations throughout these lands.

If you would list the traits and redeeming characteristics of our family, they would include compassion, commitment, ambition envisioned. We are all God’s children. We are many names but one family.

Past Reunions

  • Bakersfield, CA - 1987

  • Oklahoma City, OK - 1989

  • Fresno, CA - 1991

  • Oklahoma City, OK - 1993

  • Chattanooga, TN - 1995

  • Dallas, TX - 1997

  • Vallejo, CA - 1999

  • Houston, TX - 2001

  • Edmonton, Canada - 2003

  • Seattle, WA - 2005

  • Oklahoma City, OK - 2007

  • Chattanooga, TN - 2009

  • Atlanta, GA - 2011

  • Las Vegas, NV - 2013

  • Chicago, IL - 2015

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 2017

  • Las Angeles, CA - 2019

  • Oklahoma City, OK - 2021

  • New Orleans, LA - 2023

Edwards Family Genealogy and DNA Research

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